Integrated Marketing Communications NMIMS Apr 19



Integrated Marketing Communications NMIMS Apr 19

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Q1. You are the owner of a Men’s fashion store. With the wedding season approaching you are planning to promote it. How would you go about it? (10 Marks)


Q2. You are the brand manager of an FMCG Foods company and your company is launching a new range of healthy quick bites targeting the working population. Explain the Integrated Marketing process you will use to launch the product? (10 Marks)


Q3. Case Study

Blueair Air Purifiers aim to gain 10% Market share by 2020

Source : PTI feed TOI

Sweden based airpurifier firm Blueair is looking at India as a priority market and expects to gain a 10% market share by 2020. It is in a nascent stage but cluttered category with 28 players vying for a share in the 350 Cr. Market growing at 40%. Blueair is a high end product. India is a high potential market and is expected to grow to Rs. 1500 Cr.-1800 Cr. Size in the next 3-4 years depending on when the inflection point happens. Currently the market is centered around Delhi but there is a growing awareness across metros about the need for air purifiers. Blueair has managed to double its sales last year and should continue to double it every year to reach its target of 10% share of Market by 2020.


  1. In a competitive market with many serious players, how should Blueair approach their IMC to reach their target of 10% share by 2020? (5 Marks)
  2. What tools would you leverage in the promotional activity for Blueair to double their growth every year? (5 Marks)
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