Information Technology AU 2020 Assignments


Assignments Solution for AU 2020

  1. Few eBay users believe that the use of sniping software is unfair and that eBay should prohibit its use. Present the facts and logical arguments that would convince eBay to prohibit the use of sniping software.
  2. Visit the website of Air India ( & Spice Jet ( and compare them.
  3. Visit the applications area of and to find any difference between Oracle’s ERP and Microsoft’s Dynamics. Submit detailed report regarding this.
  4. Construct an ER diagram for a departmental store. Take the entities to define different activities (like purchase, sales), different types of employees (e.g. manager, supervisor), section (e.g. cosmetics, kids), customers and other departments of the store. Take appropriate attributes to define the entities. Construct appropriate table from the diagram.

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