Information Systems for Managers NMIMS Apr 19



Information Systems for Managers NMIMS Apr 19

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1. Customers show interest towards a specific brand, depending on the experience offered by the brand. However, sometimes, the brands fail to meet the customer expectations. Thus, most companies have made improving customer experience their top priority. They are currently relying on using data to understand their customers. It is imperative for brands to rapidly translate their customer insights into actions, lest they lose the business opportunity. How are retailers capitalizing on user’s data and using data analytics to improve their retail experience in store?
2. The healthcare industry is the furthest along in cloud adoption, compared to the financial services industry and the energy and utilities industry. You are invited by a private hospital to advise them on deployment of cloud. The hospital is very keen to reduce total cost of ownership, increase scalability and provide better collaboration to all the stakeholders. From that perspective, it is evaluating the use of cloud and the right choice for the deployment model. You are required to provide a brief report explaining pros and cons of each cloud deployment model for adopting cloud for its operations.
3. Mounting digitization and connectivity have led to a rise in cybercrime. With employees often plugged into insecure Wi-Fi networks and using their own devices, business data is increasingly vulnerable. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, data breaches are growing in size and frequency. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) estimates that digital crime and intellectual property (IP) theft currently cost between US$375b and US$575b per year — eclipsing the annual GDP of most nations. Although a portion of cyber threats come from “hacktivistis”, the most concerning threat for financial institutions is from organised cybercrime. Banks must consider their options and opportunities now. You have recently been appointed as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at a private bank.
a. What measures will you take to ensure the security of the systems at the bank is not compromised?
b. How would you educate your customers to prevent them from being a victim to cybercrime?

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