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Information System for Managers

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Semester Wise Assignment
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NMIMS Assignment Question

1. Today companies are using various touch-points to interact with their customers constantly. These customers are responsible for spreading electronic word-of mouth thereby influencing others. You’re the owner of Snackathon, a subscription service that delivers snacks to homes and offices. Snackathon partners with grocers and other businesses and also sells directly to consumers. As an organization that has traditionally been dealing with customer’s offline, you realize the need to move online and dive deeper into analytics that help you understand why your customers left, if they’re thinking about leaving, and how you can work to keep them on board. What are the pros and cons of using analytics to engage with customers effectively? Justify your standpoint.

2. 10 Street Café is a chain you have started from scratch a few years ago. After breaking even, recently your cafés are gaining popularity and you are expanding your business. The growth is rapid and your staff seems unprepared for the increase in volume of customers and managing the interactions smoothly. On hiring a consultant to help you improve your customer experience, he recommends to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. As a consultant, how would you point out the benefits of CRM system to the client and highlight points to ponder before and during the implementation of such a system?

3. Technology at the dining table (apps like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato) is gaining firmer ground in India. Placing orders for food online is popular, especially among millennials, leading food delivery platforms to embrace analytics in a big way to better read fast-changing consumer behavior, minimize errors and enhance customer experiences. The primary reasons for this growing popularity can be attributed to the rise in the number of digital natives, improved internet connectivity, competitive pricing, quick delivery, variety of restaurants on-board, simple user interface and availability across different platforms.

a. How do you think these companies use analytics to give customers a great experience, unlock business growth and drive operational efficiency?

b. Define Social Media and explain how these companies use Social Media to increase their business? Is it a wise choice to use social media to connect with customers??

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