Industrial Relations AU MBA Assignment Solution 2020


AU MBA Assignment Solution 2020

  1. In analyzing industrial relations, the role of social change cannot be overlooked. As it equally influences both employee and management, which is obvious from the fact that today’s management has increasingly become professional, there is a greater thrust on the use of behaviour techniques in dealing with human side of enterprise – Do you agree with the statement? Justify.
  2. “The responsibility of nurturing a healthy industrial climate lies with the management, the unions and the government. The political parties, the community and the society should also play a decisive role in improving the existing industrial relations and if there is any dispute or conflict, it should be settled by mutual negotiation or conciliation or voluntary arbitration” – Comment on the above statement and suggest the ways of promoting industrial peace at this juncture.
  3. The industrial relations can be viewed from the various angles which may range from the economic and social, political to the legal, psychological and managerial. But none of these give a perfect view of industrial relations but certainly adds to our intellectual dimensions in this context – Critically evaluate the statement and relate any two approaches of industrial relations system to the above circumstances.
  4. The effect of both strikes and lockouts are the same, as they both ensure that workers will be away from work. Examine whether and why management wants to declare lockouts and when workers want to go on strikes. Also identify the ways and means of resolving such disputes within the organisation and through alternative mechanisms.

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