Industrial Relations and Labour Laws NMIMS Solution

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Industrial Relations and Labour Laws NMIMS Solution

Q1. Bali has joined Martek Metals in personnel department. His primary KRA is employee engagement, so he wants to start some sustainable initiatives rather than only celebratory events like birthday parties or picnics. He wants to suggest some activities towards workers’ participation in the next management meetings and wants to make presentations with specifics. Let us list down and elaborate on various forms of workers’ participation for Bali


Q2. Mr. Natekar is a veteran teacher in Labour legislation. He holds long years of experience in the field of labour law. He has been invited to deliver a seminar at an international business school. The class is a mix of Indian and Foreign students hoping to pursue their careers in ‘Management in Law’. Mr. Natekar decides to cover the topic of ILO to suit the crowd. He decides to cover the ‘Topics of interest for ILO’. What points must he include in the information about above topic. Please elaborate your answer well.


Q3. Kamal Kumar is a labour officer with Kamte automobiles. The company is currently facing a set back due to a strike at one of their manufacturing plants. Kamal Kumar suggests collective bargaining for resolving the issue. Please answer following questions in light of this case.


  1. The company arranges for a press conference to announce their decision of collective bargaining and Kamal Kumar needs to educate the press about 5 phases of collective bargaining. Please elaborate the points for Kamal Kumar
  2. Kamal Kumar also meets the union leaders and talks to them about the bargaining power to boost their energies and gain readiness from them to participate readily. He mentions three points which would increase the bargaining power of the workers. Which three points must he have mentioned?