Industrial Relations and Labor Laws NMIMS June19



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1. Accord Designing completed 4 years in the field of commercial interior projects. With a staff of 28 on various levels of experience, loyalty, job profiles, the company has handled and successfully completed some really large projects. In fact, the staff is like family and works together well. While, the company is known to be a good paymaster and is up to date with compliance as far as employees are concerned. There is still a very casual approach towards formality into appraisals, which leaves an undercurrent of jealousy among all. Jyoti joins as an HR consultant with a mission to get this ‘family culture’ into a more formal culture in the organization. As the first project, she wants to conduct a wage and salary administration. Please help Jyoti by discussing each step in the Salary and Wage administration process in detail.
2. Prakash joined Bindal Manufacturing Company as Head of HR and IR. The company had very good human resources policies and great level of compliance was maintained for years. However, the production units were not very peaceful. The company had two production units based in two different states. Three different unions were leading 1200 workers. Constantly, some small or large labor unrest would erupt time and again which needed handling. Prakash decided to run a survey and decided to start the task of listing general factors that cause Industrial Disputes and understand the ones that are applicable at Bindal. In light of this case, please list all the possible factors that cause Industrial Disputes.
3. Shivam is a fresh graduate of Industrial Relations Course and feeling upbeat about his upcoming assignment. He has a project to complete, where he has to make a presentation to a growing company about Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923. He has to conduct two meetings on different level, details of those meetings are given below. Please guide Shivam for developing the content for his presentations.
a. Shivam has to prepare his pointers for a presentation to the management of the company about the scope of the Act and amount of compensation covered under the Act. List down points in brief for these two topics
b. Shivam needs to communicate with the workers of the organization about the circumstances that are covered for compensation under this act. Please explain in brief.

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