India’s Foreign Trade Nmims Solved Assignment June 2020

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India’s Foreign Trade

Nmims Solved Assignment June 2020

1. Explain how poor bilateral relationship between two countries affect bilateral trade between the countries, take any one example from recent incidents between India and other country. (10 Marks)

2. How does Balance of Payment (BoP) is crucial in International Trade and Political relationship between the countries, explain the concept with example of India and China or India and USA. (10 Marks)

3. Well established Indian cosmetics Manufacturing and Marketing Company decided to expand their business boundaries through International business.
a. If you being head of International business of company how do you plan to make your entry in to new market overseas, explain with stepwise market entry plan. (5 Marks)

b. What are the probable entry barriers you may face any new overseas market, explain how you will overcome those problems. (5 Marks)

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