IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments 1st Sem 2019



IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

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MS-01 Solved assignments

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1. What are the assumptions of different decision making models which either describe how decisions are made, or prescribe how decisions should be made? Identify varying degrees of knowledge under which the decisions are made.

Explain with examples, you are familiar with. Briefly describe the context and the organization, you are referring to.

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2. Define and describe strategic and operational planning. What are the essential steps involved in planning for an enterprise? Explain with the examples you are familiar with. Briefly introduce the organisation, you are referring to.

3. Briefly describe the responsibilities a professional manager has towards various stakeholders with respect to sustainability of a business organisation. Explain with examples you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organisation, you are referring to.

4. What is the process of communication? What are the intentional and unintentional barriers that prevent communications to be effective? What measures can be taken to prevent these barriers. Explain with examples you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organisation, you are referring to.

MS-02 Solved assignments

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Explain how environmental perceptive of HRM helps in developing effective Human resource management system. Explain why personnel research is a major component of HRM function.

Discuss in detail why Socialisation, Mobility and separation are important things to consider, in order developing effective and efficient workforce within an organisation. Explain how compensation structure of an organisation proved to be a motivator for employees.

Why there is a need of Human resource planning and what major problems an organisation may encounter during HRP process? What are the focal point of Job analysis and why critical incident technique is one of the effective techniques of Job analysis?

Explain how HRIS transforming HRM and simplifying performance appraisal process? How competency mapping can help in building trust between employees and managers?

What is team efficiency and role efficacy? How these can be enhanced? Discuss how grievances can be identified and redressed? Explain how trade unions and employer association strengthens the status of employer employee relations.

MS-03 Solved assignments

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1. What do you understand by social responsibility of business? Discuss in detail the arguments for and against business assuming social responsibility citing examples.

2. Explain the importance and objectives of public sector and analyse how far these objectives have been achieved.

3. Examine the growth of Small Scale Industry (SSI) in the post-reform period and briefly discuss the measures to overcome the constraints faced by SSI.

4. State the merits and demerits of foreign capital. Briefly discuss India’s foreign investment policy in the post reform period.

5. Discuss the overall impact of Industrial Policy 1991 on Indian industry.

6. Write short notes.
a. Inflation
b. Development Banks
c. Role of Government
d. EXIM Policy

MS-04 Solved assignments 2019

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1. Why are Accounting Practices Standardised? What progress has been made regarding Standardization of Accounting Practices in India?

2. What do you understand by the term Working Capital? Why is it required in a business and how do you determine the requirement of Working Capital in a Business?

3. You are required to compute all Variances for ABC Ltd. The company is producing a single product for which the standard cost data per unit of output is as given below:

Direct Material 20 Kg @ Rs 10 per kg
Direct Labour 12 hours at Rs 5.50 per hour
Variable Overheads 12 hours at Rs 10 per hour

Fixed Overheads Rs. 9,00,000 per month based on a normal volume of 60,000 direct labour hours
Selling Price Rs 600 per unit

The costs incurred and other relevant information for the month of November 2018 are as under.
Direct Material used 1,00,000 Kg at a cost of Rs. 10,50,000
Direct Wages Paid Rs 3,10,000 for 62,000 hours worked
Overheads Rs. 15,26,000 out of which a sum of Rs. 9,40,000 is fixed.
Actual Output Rs. 4,800 units sold for Rs. 28,32,000.
Assume no stocks of work-in-progress or finished goods at the beginning or at the end of the month.

4. XYZ Ltd. is planning to invest 20,000 crore in a project which is expected to generate Cash Flow, over the next ten years, as follows.

The WACC of the project is 10%. Compute the NPV and IRR of the Project. You are supposed to advise XYZ Ltd on the basis of your findings whether it should accept or reject the project under consideration.

5. Discuss the purpose of dividend policy. What are the different types of dividend policies? Describe the factors that affect dividend decisions.

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