IGNOU MBA Assignments 1ST Semester June 2018

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MBA 1st Semester 2018

MS01-Management Functions and Behaviour

IGNOU MS01 June 2018

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Q1. Briefly describe the Management processes. Explain any one of them with respect to its significance and importance in organisational performance and efficiency. Explain with your organisational experience. Briefly describe the organisation, you are referring to.

Q2. What are the techniques used in different steps of Decision-making? Based on your organisational experience, discuss the importance and rules of Brainstorming in the process. Briefly describe the organisation and the situation, you are referring to.

Q3. What are the major antecedent conditions for change? Based on your organisational experience, discuss the necessity or otherwise of ‘why all organisations must change’ in the background of ‘how an organisation grows’. Explain the situation and organisational settings you are referring to.

Q4. Base on your organisational experience/exposure critically discuss the role and impact of formal and informal groups on ‘Management’. Briefly describe the organsational setting, you are referring to.

MS02 – Management of Human Resources

ignou ms-02 June 2018

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Q1. Explain the process of human resource planning. Describe how HR forecast is carried out in the organisation you are working with or an organisation you are familiar with.

Q2. Discuss the concept of ‘performance appraisal’. Explain any two methods of performance appraisal that you are familiar with citing suitable organisational examples.

Q3. Define mentoring and distinguish it from performance coaching. Assume you are responsible for mentoring of employees in a large organisation. Discuss how you will make mentoring a strategic function. Illustrate.

Q4. Discuss the laws covering wages. Analyse the recent amendments and trends in laws covering wages in India.

Q5. Critically evaluate the state of workers’ participation in Management in the present day business scenario. Explain with examples your answer giving due details of the organizations and the sources you are referring to.

MS03-Economic and Social Environment

ignou ms-03 June 2018 Discuss the critical elements of macro-economic policies. How economic environment gives a direction to the changes in the economic planning

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Q1. Discuss the critical elements of macro-economic policies. How economic environment gives a direction to the changes in the economic planning?

Q2. Differentiate between Economic Growth and Economic Development. Why is growth and development synonymously used in economic discussion?

Q3. Discuss the genesis of mixed economy framework in India.

Q4. “An important factor which influences the Balance of Payment of an economy is the exchange rate of its currency vis-à-vis other major currencies”. Explain the statement given above.

Q5. How the twin objective of equity and justice was met by the economic reforms of 1991? Explain.

Q6. Write short notes on the following:

(i) Trade Union Movement

(ii) Public Accountability

(iii) Administered prices

MS04 – Accounting and Finance for Managers

How is 'Financial Accounting' different form 'Management Accounting'

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Q1. How is ‘Financial Accounting’ different form ‘Management Accounting’? Discuss the role and activities of an Accountant.

Q2. The Balance Sheets of XYZ Ltd as on 31st December, 2016 and 2017 are as given below:

Additional Information:-

(i) Depreciation provided on plant was 8,000 and on building was Rs. 8,000.

(ii) Provision for taxation made during the year is Rs. 38,000.

(iii) Interim dividend paid during the year is Rs. 16,000.

From the above information, you are required to prepare Schedule of changes in Working Capital and Funds Flow Statement.

Q3. What do you understand by CVP Analysis. Explain the effect of Price and Volume on the Net Profit, with the help of a suitable illustration.

Q4. The Management of ABC Ltd. is considering a proposal to purchase an improved model of a machine which gives increased output. Its existing machine which has been in operation for 2 years has current market value of Rs. 1,00,000, its remaining estimated useful life is 10 years, with no salvage value at the end.

The relevant particulars are as follows:

The company follows the straight-line method of depreciation and is subject to 50% tax. Should the existing machine be replaced? Assume that the company’s required rate of return is 15% and that the loss on sale of Assets is tax deductible.

Q5. As a Finance Manager how would you determine the Optimal Cash balance that would be required by your Organisation? What measures you would take to ensure the smooth and efficient Management of Cashflows in the Orgnisation?