IGNOU 2nd Semester MBA Solved Assignments 2019



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MS05 IGNOU solved Assignment 2019

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1. “Materials handling is the art and science involving the movement, packaging and storing of substances in any form”. In the light of statement, explain the objectives and types of material handling system.
2. What do you understand by work measurement? Explain the various principal techniques used to measure work.
3. What do you understand by the term maintenance management? Discuss the various types of maintenance systems?
4. Define Value Engineering. Briefly explain the seven phases of value engineering job plan.
5. “Classification of materials involves grouping of items according to some criteria”. What are the criteria on the basis of which materials are classified? Explain briefly.
6. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
(i) Behavioural Dimensions of Job Design.
(ii) Plant Layout Factors
(iii) Line of Balance (LOB) for production Control
(iv) Input-Output Waste (I-O-W) Model
(v) Role of Scientific methods in Operations Management

MS06 MBA Solved Assignments

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a. What do you understand by the terms “Needs and Wants”? Why and when these terms assume significance in the context of marketing. Elaborate with a hypothetical example of your choice. What is marketing? Discuss the various tasks necessary for successful marketing.
b. Distinguish strategy from marketing strategy. Explain the process involved in the formulation of marketing strategy for the following:-
(i) Knocked down furniture.
(ii) Battery operated small sized passenger car
a. What is a product? When and why do firms generally diversity their product portfolio? Discuss with an example from FMCG category.
b. Describe the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC). Select any two brands in the recent past where PLC concept was considered as tool for market development. Discuss.
a. Distinguish product from Brand. What are the various branding decisions that are available for marketers with regard to brand name situation in the following:-
(i) New Product offering by the firm.
(ii) Premium/Niche variant of an existing product.
b. Discuss the major determinants of pricing and their limitations if any for the following:-
(i) FMCG Product
(ii) Home Appliances (Non electronic)
(iii) Cab Services for an organized player
a. What is personal selling? Discuss the steps involved in the selling process for the following:
(i) Software product for Banking Sector
(ii) Industrial Water Purifier.
b. What is sales forecasting? Select the most commonly used methods by the marketers and the reasons for their choice.
5. Explain the role of distribution channel in the success of a brand.

MS07 IGNOU MBASolved assignments

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1. “Communication is the transmission of a signal by a way of particular medium from a sender to a receiver.” In the light of statement explain the pathway/ mediums through which communication takes place.
2. What is a computer virus? Explain the various types of viruses and how to prevent these viruses?
3. What are the managerial decisions? Explain the various types of managerial decisions. Which one is preferred in what situations?
4. “If a firm doesn’t want to use its own internal resources to build and operate information systems, it can hire an external organization that specializes in providing these services”. Explain the above statement with the help of advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.
5. What do you understand by the term data models? What are the various types of data models? Explain them in brief.
6. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
a. Operating System
b. Organisation and Information System-Two-way-relationship
c. Marketing Management Sub-System
d. Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
e. Operational database vs Data Warehouse.

MS08 ignou mba solved assignments

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1. “The field of statistics provides the methods for collecting, presenting and meaningfully interpreting the given data”. What are these methods? Explain them.
2. You are supplied the following data about height of boys and girls studying in a college.

You are required to find out:
(a) In which sex, boys or girls, is there greater variability in individual heights.
(b) Common average height in boys and girls.
3. In an aptitude test administered to 900 college students, the mean is 50 and the standard deviation is 20. Find:-
(a) The number of students securing between 30 and 70.
(b) The number of students exceeding the score of 65.
(c) The value of the score exceeding by the top 90 students.
4. Strength tests carried out on samples of two yarns spun to the same count gave the following results:-
The strength are expressed in pounds. Does the difference in mean strengths indicate a real difference in the mean strengths of the yarns? Apply appropriate test and comment.
5. Write short notes on any three of the following:-
(a) Type I and Type II error
(b) Primary Data vs Secondary Data
(c) Correlation Coefficient
(d) Probability Sampling Methods
(e) Guidelines for choosing the classes.

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