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HR Audit

NMIMS Assignments Solution June 19

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Q1. Company ABC a startup, has grown rapidly from a small 2-member team to 100 members over 3 years. They have an accountant who has been handling the payroll and other regulatory matters. While they have comprehensive data on all the employees, they do not have any specified policies or any practices set out. The CEO has been advised to conduct a HR Audit by the board.
You have to share a note with the CEO detailing out HR Audit Categories that the audit will cover, with the rationale. (10 Marks)
Q2. ABC Limited is a software company with offices across India. They have well defined HR policies and a competent HR team. Every year they conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to assess the level of employee engagement. Last 2 years have seen the satisfaction scores go down. The biggest drop was in Training and Development section of the survey. Your firm has been appointed to Audit the Training and Development structure and suggest appropriate steps. (10 Marks)
Q3. Company A has seen rapid growth into a well-established organization. The company has a clear strategy and the same has been shared with all the employees. The company hired an external Human Resources consultant who then redefined the policies to keep them in line with the overall business strategy. A recent satisfaction survey showed that the employees felt that there was a big difference between the aim of the policy and the actual implementation.
The current HR team was set up at the start of the company’s operations and has efficiently managed the basic HR processes so far. However, they are now finding it difficult to handle the new processes that the consultant has put in. The CEO has hired your firm to conduct a HR audit. To present to the CEO:
a. Detail out the Levels of HR Audit you will focus on as well including the reasons for the same and (5 Marks)
b. A brief note on the steps you will take to audit the company. (5 Marks)

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