Global Retailing NMIMS Solved Assignment

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Global Retailing NMIMS Solved Assignment

Assignment Solution for June 2020

1. You have been invited as a Guest speaker to deliver session at E&Y’s Market Analyst – Gold Business, at the GJEPC (Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council) conference, elaborate how the TANISHQ brand continuously moves along the Wheel of Retailing.
2. At WWW.FIRSTCRY.COM ’s SCM Department Induction Programme, how would you convey the applicability of different types of Inventory, to the inductees, you are mentoring?
3. Numerous FMCG brands have increased focus on using Multi-Channel Retailing Formats to access and reach its target segments.
a. Compare and contrast Single vs Multi-Channel retail, in this context?
b. Which are the product categories, in your opinion, where Multi-Channel retail can provide a better advantage?

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