Financial Institutions and Markets-NMIMS Solved Assignments June 20

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NMIMS Solution for June 20

Q1. “Primary Market helps to facilitate capital growth by enabling individuals to convert savings into investments. Describe in details the techniques that companies uses to raise the fresh capital from the primary market
Q2. Explain why insurance sectors are considered as financial intermediary. Discuss any four types of insurance plans that are available in the market.
Q3. Ms. Goyal, after completing her graduation, recently joined a bank. With a steady income and good growth prospects for her career, she intends to save regularly and increase the amount of savings gradually over the years. Her colleagues in the bank have advised her investing in Mutual Funds (MFs), as a suitable option for her. However, Ms. Goyal is not at all familiar with MFs. Advise Ms.Goyal with the below queries:
a. Explain brief on Mutual Funds and its features.
b. Enumerate any four types of Mutual Fund to Ms.Goyal.

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