Financial Accounting and Analysis NMIMS June 19



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1. An investor wants to tests the financial position of Asian Paints Ltd. Thus, he wants to assess the short term liquidity as well as long term solvency. Discuss the four relevant ratio’s which he will definitely look into.

2. Discuss the components of Other Income under the statement of Profit and Loss accounts of any Indian Corporate. How other income is different from revenue from normal operations under the vertical format.

Q3. The following information is provided by a dealer in computer chips. The dealer follows FIFO method for valuing stock, calculate from the following figures:

Date                            particulars

April 1, 2019              Opening stock 750 chips @Rs1550 per chip


April 10, 2019            1000 chips @Rs1750 per chip

April 20, 2019            1650 chips @ Rs1875 per chip


April 15, 2019            900 chips @Rs3000 per chip

April 16, 2019            1950 chips @ Rs 3250 per chip

  1. a) Cost of goods available for sale
  2. b) Gross profit


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