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Q1. Describe the different types of charts available in Excel. What is the importance of using charts in Excel? Below is the data in ice-cream survey. Use a pie-chart to plot the percentage share of each flavor of ice-cream in the total frequency.



Ice-cream flavorFrequency


Q2. Conditional formatting is used to create rules (conditions) for when and how specific cells are formatted. For example, make cells red, if an expiry date has passed, or color cells green, if they match numbers in a lottery draw. Use conditional formatting on the table mentioned below and answer the following questions Q2a-Q2e. Represent your answer with a screen shot for each question answered.

  1. a) With the help of conditional formatting select those cells from the Met Sale Goal as Yes. Add another level of formatting and format cells which belong to the region North. Highlight them in Green.
  2. b) Add a new rule in the conditional formatting and highlight those quantity values that are greater than 300
  3. c) Use the colour scale option and format the Item Weight. What does this indicate?
  4. d) Highlight all the items manufactured in the last week.
  5. e) Highlight today the date 14-08-2020 on which certain items are manufactured.


3.a. Below is the data on sales and advertising expenditure in millions for an organization. Draw a plot and trend line for sales and advertising expenditure. What can you say about the relationship between sales and advertising expenditure? (5 Marks)

3.b. Explain the difference between data and information. Explain the need for databases. What are the advantages of using Database Management Systems (DBMS) to manage data?


Sales   Advertising Expenditure

10        2

24        4

20        5

30        6

38        7

32        8

50        10

48        12

62        15