Essentials of HRM NMIMS Solution Dec 2020

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Academic NMIMS Assignment

Essentials of HRM NMIMS Solution Dec 2020

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1. ABC Ltd. is a well-known IT Company in India since 2002. Recently, the company has decided to revise the compensation structure for which it is important to conduct the job analysis exercise. As an HR Head of the company, it is your responsibility to conduct the same. Discuss the steps that you will follow in the process of job analysis?
2. ESSOS Ltd, an upcoming E Commerce startup, has just recruited a fresh batch of 100 employees at supervisory level to work at various warehouses in India. Company is planning an orientation program for all these fresh employees. As an HR Head, it is your responsibility to undertake this orientation program successfully. Discuss the possible problems that you may encounter while conducting the orientation program?
3. SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd., a well-known education technology company in Mumbai is going through a phase of wider domestic expansion. Company has set up 20 new offices across India and employees in these new offices are about to undergo training exercises. You are an HR Head of the company who is responsible for doing this training. In this background, answer the following:
a. Which on-the-job training methods would you suggest?
b. Which off-the-job training methods would you suggest?

Previous Semester Solution

1.Mike has not been performing well in accounts department due to the new system on taxation that has been implemented in the organisation. He is lagging behind in the concepts of current taxation norms as well as his communication skills are not as expected. The accounts head of the organisation believes in the institution of training and wants to send Mike for the same. Introduce the concept of training by commenting on the above proclamations. Also, discuss the factors influencing the effectiveness of training. Conclude your answer in a brief way by focusing on the importance of training for any organization

2.Select a job of your choice and write Job Description & Job Specification for it.

3.Succession Planning is essential for the survival and success of any organization as it identifies and prepares the existing workforce to replace the key personal employed in key position. Keeping this concept intact discuss:
a.One failure story where succession planning was not done properly and the organization had to bear heavily because of it.
b.One Succession planning success story of any organization.

Previous June20 Assignment

Q1. “Abhushan” is a Gems and Stones company which is in a rapid expansion mode. You have newly joined in as Head of HR. You realize that organization may need some re-structuring with regards to job role and responsibility allocation. You need to explain the concept and importance of Job Analysis to the top management. Write down the concept and importance of job analysis and in conclusion mention any 2 methods in data collection process of job analysis.
Q2. Explain why recruitment is said to be a positive process and selection a negative one. List and explain some of the recruitment methods in the digital age.
Q3. True Wanderer is a decade old leisure and travel company. As a part of the strategic decision to achieve its vision, it decides to conduct training for its call center and other staff selling over the counter products/offers. The company does a thorough research and decides to conduct trainings on the topic of ‘customer centricity’, realizing that giving importance to customers will be the only way to sustainable business. The company hires outside trainers to conducts training based on the outline created by the L&D department of the company. Almost 700 customer care executives and first line staff members are trained and after a year the company sees no effect on sales/ revenue.
a. What do you think is the reason behind failure of the above initiative?
b. Elaborate on the concept of training need analysis with reference to the above case.