Essentials of HRM NMIMS June 18



NMIMS Solved Assignments June 2018

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Q1. Define Job Specification. Create a job specification for the position of a tele caller for an E tailer.
Q2. Differentiate between recruitment and selection. List and explain some of the recruitment methods in the digital age. (10 Marks)
Q3. ‘Speedcall’ is a five year old telecommunications company. As a part of the strategic management to achieve its vision, it decides to conduct training for its first line staff selling over the counter products. The company does a thorough research and decides to conduct trainings on the topic of ‘customer centricity ‘ , realizing that giving importance to customers will be the only way to sustainable business. The company hires outside trainers to conducts training based on the outline created by the L&D department of the company. Almost 500 first line staff members are trained and after a year the company sees no effect on sales/ revenue..
a. What do you think is the reason behind failure of the above initiative? . (5 Marks)
b. Elaborate on the concept of training need analysis with reference to the above case.