Essentials of HRM NMIMS Apr 19



NMIMS Solved Assignment Apr 19

Q1. Mahadev & Mahadev is a tourism and luxury travel company owned by Mr. Gajaraj Mahadev. His son Karan completed his tourism management course and joined the family business. After six months of joining the organization, he realised that there are gaps in the HR processes. Karan discussed the same with the HR Head, which he refused to accept. Karan is now sure that there are plethora of loopholes in the HR system. He now wants to conduct a HR audit which has never been a practice before. He needs to convince his father for the same. How can Karan justify the need, objectives and importance of HR audit to Mr. Gajaraj?

Q2. Take any two E commerce sites and discuss their training and development methodology?

Q3. Sanjay works as a Product Manager in Green Pvt Ltd. which is a FMCG company. From the past five years he has been a consistent performer and has always got a good increment. Even though he earns really good but there hasn’t been much progress as far as his career is concerned. He is still holding the same designation since the time he joined the organisation. This has deeply impacted Sanjay’s morale which could be seen in his aggression towards his peers. You are an external consultant hired for organisational development. After observing the organisation and its employees for eight months you interpreted that it is not only with Sanjay but widely all employees are very dissatisfied the way their career is progressing. Based on the above scenario:

  1. What is missing in Green Pvt. Ltd. and why Sanjay and other employees are so dissatisfied? Discuss with a proper rationale.
  2. As a Consultant device a solution for Green Pvt. Ltd and chalk out a proper career planning method.


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