Essentials of HRM Apr 18



NMIMS Assignments solution

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Q1. Poshak Ltd. is an apparel company where after Sid joined as an AVP-HR and understood that workforce was not happy with their job profile as they were finding it too routine and monotonous. It has also been noted that the work productivity was decreasing and the employee attrition was increasing. It was implicit that the organisation needed to go for job designing. Suggest all the approaches to Sid for job designing which would prove beneficial for Poshak Ltd. (10 Marks)

NMIMS Assignments solution

Q2. MiniBurgs is a fast food outlet which is now expanding its operation throughout Mumbai. Since it was initially a small joint which kept on growing and now is becoming a chain therefore undergoing a lots of changes. MiniBurgs can only respond better to these changes when the employees are also willing to accept and adapt to the same. The HR team is emphasising that since the business is expanding the workforce must develop their KSA (Knowledge, skill and competencies) regularly for combating any kind of change in the external or internal environment. It was also discussed that there is a need for HRD in Miniburgs. Discuss that why Miniburgs has a need for HRD. (10 Marks)


Q3. Yes bank did something different for its Induction program rather than going by the old conventional methods. The new employees in Yes Bank were greeted with its drum beating session which acted as a stress buster and then it was followed by other various fun activities aimed at experiential learning, instead of the old way of inducting employees which merely focused on PPTs as well speech on organisational culture, etiquettes and opportunities. The employees really appreciated this novel way of induction. As per this case answer the following questions:

  1. Yes Bank could have directly asked the employees to report at work, but why induction was needed? Discuss it from organization’s perspective. (5 Marks)
  2. The employees seemed to have really like the induction, so why it is important from their (employees) perspective? Discuss (5 Marks)