Employee Development and Talent Management NMIMS Assignment



NMIMS Assignment June 2019

Employee Development and Talent Management

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Q1. Subhash joined Moorty Software in HR Department and his primary responsibility is to improve Employee Development initiative. The organization had tried running the employee development initiative previously too but it has not seemed to be successful. Subhash started with an analysis to check on the reasons for the failures. In light of this case, please enumerate the issues in successful employee development. (10 Marks)
Q2. Mr. Parikh is the head of Geman Consultancy. His organization is into a business of HR outsourcing. Mr. Parikh steps in at the time of planning of a project and hands the project over to the assigned team. However, he steps in once again after the project is completed for evaluation of the success. At one such large organization, Mr. Parikh steps in to evaluate an employee development project. He is currently contemplating on the method for evaluation. In light of this case, please elaborate on the Kirkpatrick’s model of evaluation. (10 Marks)
Q3. Janvi wants to implement Employee development activities in the organization. She is the HR Manager at Hive Five Media. While the organization is a medium sized, they have a lot of mobility among the employees between departments and projects. Janvi wants to work out two initiatives in the organization. Answer the following questions about her project.
a. As a part of On-The-Job development, she wants to implement Mentoring and coaching activity. Please elaborate on the activity of mentoring and coaching. (5 Marks)
b. As a part of Off-The-Job development, Janvi would like to take up case study method. Please elaborate how does case study method work in the organizations. (5 Marks)

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