Employee Development and Talent Management 2020

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Employee Development and Talent Management 2020 June

Q1. Pure for Sure enterprises is a leading Chemical manufacturing company with a presence in more than 8 countries. Currently, they use the forced distribution method of appraisal. Prabhat, the newly appointed Head of HR has been entrusted with the task of redesigning their Performance Appraisal System. What are some of the modern methods of appraisal that Prabhat can consider? What are the benefits of Performance Appraisal system for the organization?

Q2. Great places to work such as Google, Intuit and Apple recognize and respect the fact that their workforce comprises of dual career couples. Such couples have to deal with dual responsibilities and may find traditional workplaces stressful and less attractive. How are these organizations making their workplaces friendly for dual working couples? What are some of the advantages of Flexible working patterns

Q3a. You as HR head of the organization for Yummy Burgers have been asked to prepare an on-the-job training schedule of the front desk service agents. What options will you consider?

Q3b. As the head of Talent acquisition team, you want to outline the process of talent acquisition that the team can follow. Enumerate and explain the steps involved in an effective talent acquisition practice.

April 2020 NMIMS Assignment

Employee Development and Talent Management

  1. Human resource is one of the most valuable asset of any organisation, therefore it is of utmost importance that the employees must be made agile and their skills be honed from time to time. When the organisation does not look into the employees’ growth and development opportunities then a dip in the productivity can be shown. List and discuss any five development programmes used by organisations to develop the skills of their employees and improve their performance.
  2. You have recently joined Poshak & Vastra an apparel giant. The organisation works on old school of thought where not much emphasis is given on training the employees. The productivity of employees is dropping constantly. Off late there is a lot of absenteeism and turnover of employees. You need to develop a training programme for the employees. Discuss all the necessary steps required for a training process.
  3. Complete Solutions is a manufacturing firm which is rated very high in employee satisfaction survey. The organisation never hires the senior officials though external recruitment but highly relies on building the competencies of their own employees. It is said that since career planning is practiced in the organization which helps the employee remain motivated and hence the high satisfaction level. Discuss:
    a. Career planning and the entire process
    b. Discuss the benefits which Complete solutions as well as the employees working there could reap