e-Business NMIMS Assignment Solution

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e-Business NMIMS Assignment Solution

NMIMS Assignment Solution  June 2020

After the success saga of E-business ventures like Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba, Reliance retail has also contemplated to join the bandwagon and has decided to start with B2C market segments for all its brand under Reliance Retail. But at the same time, they are well aware of the failure stories and risk associated with moving from Brick and Mortar to E-Business. You are hired as a consultant. Please prepare detailed reports for the following.

  1. Identify the risks associated with moving to E-Business. Do the SWOT analysis. Suggest E-Business strategies for Reliance retail. (10 Marks)
  2. Suggest technology infrastructure required for E-Business. Keep in mind that the infrastructure should be scalable when Reliance retail plans to become an international player after few years. While designing framework for tech infrastructure, also assess the security threats and ways to mitigate those risks. (10 Marks)
  3. a. Plan strategies for implementation of e-CRM along with the metrics to measure the success of those strategies. (5 Marks)
  4. b. Do you suggest to implement e-SCM or to continue with the traditional SCM for Reliance retail? Mention supportive arguments for your suggestions. (5 Marks)

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