Digital Marketing NMIMS Solution



Digital Marketing NMIMS Solution


1st Semester NMIMS Dec 2020 – Rs. 3000/- Only

2nd Semester NMIMS Dec 2020 – Rs. 3000/- Only

3rd Semester NMIMS Dec 2020 – Rs. 3000/- Only

4th Semester NMIMS Dec 2020 – Rs. 2500/- Only

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Q1. You run a business of selling traditional benarasi sarees for weddings through a business social page of yours. Explain which social media page (network) will you use and how you will let your business transition from the traditional 4P’s to the digital 4C’s in digital space.
Q2. You are a digital marketing manager in a store selling custom mattresses for bed rooms. Write a Google AdWords Search Campaign for the same.
Q3. KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) the fast food restaurant which specializes in fried chicken is planning to open its first restaurant in a remote rural area of Jharkhand where dining or snacking habits are rare amongst families given the socio-cultural dynamics of the place, though the families have high spending power.
a. Design and explain the value journey canvas for KFC restaurant as a marketing manager of the place, using digital methods.
b. Suggest some traditional promotional tools you will use to support your digital methods.