Decision Analysis and Modeling-NMIMS Solved Assignments



December 2017

NMIMS Solved Assignments

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Q1. Even though there are many auto rickshaw manufactures, two companies Bajaj and M&M, control the market in Maharashtra. If both the companies make similar design changes in their auto rickshaws in a year, their market shares will remain unchanged. Similarly if neither of them goes for any changes, then also their market shares will remain constant. But if incase one company goes for a design change and other doesn’t then the market shares are going to change, the payoff matrix for increase or decrease in market share under different possible scenarios is given below:

Find the value of the game. What changes should M&M consider if this information is only available to it? (10 Marks)


Q2. Using suitable examples discuss the difference between simple linear regression and logistic regression. (10 Marks)


Q3. To assemble a “Drone”, Mukesh has laid out the seven major activities involved. The activities are labeled as A through G in the following table, which also shows their various completion times (in Hrs) and immediate predecessor of each activity.


  1. Determine the expected time and variance for each activity. ( 5 Marks)
  2. Determine the critical path for the project. What is the probability of completing the project in less than 25 hours? (5 Marks)




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