Customer Relationship Management-NMIMS Solution Dec 20

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Customer Relationship Management

NMIMS Solution Dec 20

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1. As a marketing manager of an online delivery application which caters specifically to grocery, what innovation would you introduce to retain your existing customers and attract new customers to increase your customers lifetime value during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
2. Prepare a Caselet for Salesforce India. Look at their CRM practices and solutions they offer and enlist their competitive advantages vis-à-vis other players in the Indian market.
3. The male grooming market has been expanding rapidly over the last few years in India. There are umpteen number of brands out there vying for the share of the target audience’s wallet. Face washes, Beard oils, Styling gels, lip balms, Talcum powders, Cologne soaps, moisturizers, etc. are some of the male grooming products available in the market. A multinational FMCG company known for its home and personal care products, is planning to launch a new brand of ‘anti-pollution face wash’ in Indian markets. The face wash will be available nationwide and promises to be a mix of herbal ingredients, aloe vera & charcoal.
a. Devise a customer relationship management strategy based on the segmentation study. (5 Marks)
b. Create a customer profile based on the information provided in the brief given above. (5 Marks)

Prevs Semester Solution

Q1. Outline a communication plan with an aim to translate the relationship policy into contact moments for customers in your line of business.
Q2. The increase in the quantity of data and the decrease in the available analysis time have led to a growing need for an inductive method which will assist in finding useful relationships between (selected) data. Elaborate any 2 such methods that you use at your workplace.
Q3. You are a call centre manager with a decade of experience. In the last 10 years you have seen customer relationship management evolve in the call centre industry. Scenario is more competitive and requires out of the box thinking to sustain and succeed.
a. Do you prefer working with specialist or generalist call centre agents? What parameters help you arrive at a decision?
b. As per your understanding and experience, rate the elements of a call centre in order of importance? Justify your rating with examples


Previous Sem NMIMS Assignment

  1. In your opinion should marketers challenge their customers’ communities because they are not official? Justify your views with valid examples from the industry. (10 Marks)
  2. Frame the 10 most critical criteria to develop a rich customer profile in your industry and specify the source of data collection for the same with appropriate examples. (10 Marks)
  3. Aditi works in the US for a biomedical organization. They have clients located in different parts of the globe. Off late one of their most loyal clients from the Europe has been expressing their concern over service issues faced by them. Next quarter their contract ends and will be time for renewal. Aditi is unsure whether they will be able to sustain the business from their European client.
    a. As per your understanding analyze the course of the relationship between the customer and the supplier in the above scenario? (5 Marks)
    b. What hampers trust and commitment in a relationship and how can it be maintained? (5 Marks)