Corporate Social Responsibility NMIMS Solution Sep 2020

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Corporate Social Responsibility

NMIMS Solution Sep 2020


Case: M/s Fun & Fun is an Indian corporate started by Mr. Khushiram, it has a large number of retail stores selling different types of toys for kids. They have 100 stores across major cities in India. The company is very focused on quality products at low prices. Mr. Khushiram’s vision is to help people and he has been doing it with his personal wealth. He has now decided to start a CSR department in the organization so that his organization can do something for the society. He hires you as a CSR Head for his organization.
1.Mr. Khushiram wants to know various types of CSR activities that his organization can undertake, suggest five CSR activities in detail for M/s Fun and Fun
2.Explain various types of stakeholders for the organization M/s Fun & Fun.
3. a .Suggest various steps involved in developing a CSR Strategy for M/s Fun & Fun.
3. b. Suggest various steps involved in implementing a CSR Strategy for M/s Fun & Fun.

Previous June20

A company has just become profitable by selling sustainable stationary, computers and other accessories. The company uses the waste resources to make the products. The company’s mission is to make a difference in the society. They plan to start a new CSR department and they select you as the CSR head to formulate and implement CSR in the organization.

1. Explain various steps involved in developing and implementing a CSR strategy in the organization.
2. Suggest five different CSR activities that you plan to start in the organization for the society. Elaborate on the activities and their benefits.
3. a. What are the two voluntary code of conduct that you want your company to apply? Explain with reason.
3. b. Explain the importance of corporate governance to an organisation, society and shareholder?

April 2020 NMIMS Solution

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1. Select any listed Indian or International Public Limited Company and list down its CSR activities. Also provide any 3 alternative CSR activities that the company should implement. (10 Marks)

2. Assume you plan to develop and implement one of the CSR activities in the organization, explain the steps that you would follow for CSR development and implementation strategy in the organization. (10 Marks)

3. a. “It is the government’s job to do CSR activities and corporates should focus their attention on Profit” and “Companies should only focus on profit”. Explain your view point on both these statements. (5 Marks)

3. b. Explain at least 4 voluntary Codes of CSR that you would want an organization to apply. Explain the reasons for your selection. (5 Marks)

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