Corporate Social Responsibility NMIMS Apr19



Corporate Social Responsibility NMIMS Apr19

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Q1. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 and go through its CSR policy as well as its CSR Report (found in annual report under Director’s report) for 2015-16 or 2016-17, and answer the following;
a. Choose any TWO projects/initiatives reported by the company and explain how they are connected to the CSR policy of the company
b. Analyse and explain the impact/s and/or outcome/s of the chosen projects using the qualitative as well as quantitative information reported. You can also include data/ information about these projects/initiatives from the company’s website.
Q2. Go through the Sustainability Report of any ONE company of your choice or your competitor and identify ONE energy saving/ managing initiative OR ONE water saving/managing initiative that impresses you. Analyze and explain the initiative’s qualitative and quantitative data in the form of a case, such that it showcases all the benefits, financial and non financial that accrue to the company. (DO NOT repeat the same company or the same initiative as in Ans1)
Q3. With the introduction of the Companies Act 2012, spending 2% of net profit on CSR has become conditionally applicable to listed and non listed companies as per the provision laid out under section 135.
3.1 As the new CSR Head, explain what according to you are the five challenges that you will have to address now that the CSR policy has been drafted and projects/ initiatives worth 2 % of net profit finalized by the CSR Committee of the Board?
3.2 Suggest viable and practical solutions to two of these challenges that you will present to the CSR Committee of the Board.

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