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Assignment – A

Question 1 Board of Directors (BOD) plays very important role in the process of Corporate Governance. Discuss.

Question 2 Chairman of the BOD, has pivotal role in the performances of BOD. Do you agree? Support your answer with reasons and examples.

Question 3 What are three major committees of the board? Discuss their role and usefulness?

Question 4 “it is strongly felt that the contribution of non executive directors is critical in establishing, maintaining and improving standards of governess vin organisation”. Comment.

Question 5 “People with different perspective will have different expectations of the Remuneration Committee”. Do you agree? Support your answer with reasons?

Question 6 What are “Best Boards”? What parameters were set for the evaluation of the “Best Board” by The Business Today – AIMS Study of the Best Board, 1997

Assignment – B

Question 1: Write short notes on the following:
(a) Legal aspects and Liability of Directors:
(b) Cadbury’s code of best practises:
(c) Green bury Recommendations:

Question 2: The en desirable code of corporate governance stresses more on the role of Board of Directors and therefore has only limited value. Comment.

Question 3: Performance evaluation of the BOD seems to be an essential component in improving corporate governance. Do you agree! Who should do this evaluation and how? ‘

Question 4 “Good corporate Governance is a question of Ethics” Discuss?

Question 5 Discuss the various developments in the field of Corporate Governance in India in recent years?

Question 6 What is good code of Corporate Governance? Do you consider it can serve any useful purpose in improving governance? Support your answer with examples.

Case Study


Question 1. Analyze the value conflict, if any.

Question 2. How would you handle the situation if you were in place of Mr. Rao?

Assignment – C

1. Essence of corporate Governance is:

2. Corporate Governance is a system of:

3. The concept of Corporate Governance is applicable to :

4. The Question of Corporate Governance has come up mainly due to:

5. As per Raja J. Chelliah, weakness in the system of governance in India can only be remedied by:

6. A corporate must be socially responsible for:

7. BOD stands for:

8. Which is not a Category of Shareholders:

9. private sector who has firm hold over companies:.

10. In Public sector, who selects / appoints the board members:

11. The head of the BOD is normally called:

12. For effective Corporate Governance CEO of the Company :

13. The BOD should consist of :

14. Which one of the following is not a parameter of the best boards :

15. Which one of the following is not a duty of the directors :

16. Directors are liable for :

17. The directors appointed by financial institutional on the BOD are called :

18. The Companies Act 1956 came into force on :

19. The Companies (Amendment) Act, 1996 came into force on:

20. SEBI Strand for:

21. Cadbury Committee report was published in UK in :

22. Cadbury Committee was set up to address the :

23. Cadbury Committee along with its report published a document which was called :

24. Which one of the following was not a section of the above document :

25. In respect of auditing, which of the following aspects is not part of Cadbury Report :

26. Which one of the following organizations have not contributed to rising awareness about good corporate governance :

27. Who prepared the report titled ” Desirable Corporate Governance in India – A Code ”

28. The above report was based on the draft report prepared by :

29. The number of recommendations made in the above report were :

30. Desirable Corporate Governance: A Code (DCGC) recommends that the full board should meet minimum of following times:

31. The National Task Force on Corporate Governance ( Set up by CII) was headed by :

32. The word “value” is derived from the French/ Latin/word:

33. A value is a ——— concept ( choose the word most suited to fill the blank)

34. Which one of the following is not a major stakeholder in Corporate Governance :

35. The ethics of Corporate Governance is therefore the determination of what is right, proper and ____________

36. The word ” Ethics ” is derived from:

37. The subject of business ethics is multi-leveled. The three levels normally considered are individual, organisation and__________________

38. Many Mangers think of ethics as a question of personal____________

39. Ethical issues are truly managerial dilemma because they represent a conflict between an organisations economic performance and its:

40. Which one of the following is not a method of analysis of an ethical decision :

41. Feedback cycle (Evaluation of Performance) in BOD was advocated by :

42. Which one of the following is not a feature of implementing evaluation process in corporate governance :

43. Which one of the following is not the essential features of conducting board’s performance evaluation :

44. Who should evaluate the performance of the Boards as a whole :

45. Who should evaluate the performance of the CEO (when he is not the chairman?)



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