Consumer Behaviour NMIMS Assignment Solution June19



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Q1. A well-known international fitness company, PlanetFit, is planning to set up gyms and yoga studios across India. Describe how PlanetFit can apply demographics and psychographics to plan its segmentation strategy. Which demographic and psychographic segments should PlanetFit target and why? (10 Marks)

Q2. What are the steps in the consumer decision-making journey? Describe your decision-making journey for the following products: (10 Marks)
a. Sugar
b. Men’s aftershave lotion
c. Smartphone
Q3. a) What are reference groups? List and discuss 2 groups that influence your purchases. (5 Marks)
Q3. b) Explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Develop an ad campaign for Running shoes, appealing to the self-esteem need level. (5 Marks)

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