Consumer Behavior NMIMS June18



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Q1. Nokia wants to regain its market share in the smart phone category. As a Marketing Manager design a suitable questionnaire with an objective of understanding Nokia’s customer perception in the current scenario. (10 Marks)

Q2. Suggest ways in which a leading brand of electronic brand can focus on ensuring customer loyalty on a long term basis (10 Marks)

Q3. Xiaomi launched its affordable smart TV Mi TV 4A in India. The Chinese tech major had launched its flagship Mi TV 4 in India on 14th February 2018. The new Mi TV 4A is expected to replicate the success of its higher placed sibling with similar features on offer and an even smaller price tag.
Xiaomi claims that the price point and specifications of the new TV series will let the Indian market shift to a Smart TV segment that has otherwise been limited to high-end TVs. The success of the TV can be predicted by looking at the high demand of the Mi TV 4 55-inch that was launched just two weeks ahead of the new SmartTV series.
a. Suggest a suitable STP for the new launch (5 Marks)
b. How will Xiaomi’s existing image help the product category of Television(5 Marks)

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