Computer Application In Management NIBM Global


Part – A (45 Marks)

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  1. Business Communication Solution
  2. Managerial Economics Solution
  3. Organisational Behaviour Solution

Attempt any Three Question
1- Differentiate between LAN, MAN and WAN and also describes their applications in today’s online world.
2- Discuss architecture and functioning of Internet. Discuss the concept of Downloading and uploading in the Internet.
3- Discuss the applications of Marketing Information Systems in any Indian Telecom company.
4- Classify different types of computers and their -applications in today’s competitive business environment.
5- Classify different types of software with the help of suitable examples. Discuss the concept of Open source Operating system.
Part – B (35 Marks)
Attempt any five Question
1- What is software? Explain the functions of various types of software.
2- Explain any six functions of operating systems.
3- Write a descriptive note on database models.
4- Define the following: (i) PROM (ii) EPROM (iii) EEPROM (iv) DRAM (v) SRAM
5- What do you mean by range of cells? What do you mean by cell referencing and what are different types of referencing?
6- Describe various modes of data processing system. What is the difference between on-line processing and Real-time processing?
7- Why do we require printed report? Describe the layout of a printed report? What should a formatted report contain? Describe the reports with control break?
Part – C (20 Marks)
Attempt any two Question
1- What do you mean by DDL and DML?
2- Discuss the various network topologies in details.
3- What is the advantage of multi programming operating systems? Explain.