Compensation and Benefits NMIMS 2020

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June 2020 NMIMS Solution

Q1. WONDERWORLD Enterprises is a leading automobile company in India manufacturing two wheelers. Company has expanded its operations in Asia by setting up a unit in Indonesia. A team of 50 employees is sent on deputation to handle the Indonesian project. You are an HR Manager of WONDERWORLD and you are entrusted with the responsibility of designing the compensation for these 50 employees. Which approach to compensation management will you adopt?


Q2. REGENCY Group is a leading business conglomerate in India. The group is planning to diversify into construction sector and as an HR Manager you are asked to conduct a compensation survey in construction sector in India so that important compensation decisions can be made. Suggest a step by step process for conducting this compensation survey.


Q3. You are hired as an HR consultant by ABC Ltd, a newly set up IT Company, to design a new compensation system. In this background, answer the following:

  1. It is important to identify all the stakeholders before designing a new compensation system. Identify the stakeholders of compensation for ABC Ltd.
  2. Discuss the types of compensation that will be a part of compensation system of ABC Ltd.

NMIMS April 2020

1. Your Company is a leading retail organization in India. The company, in its recent Quality HR Initiatives, opted for a ‘Pay for Position’ compensation strategy. Explain the pay for position strategy and also write its pitfalls.

2. ANT Ltd is a medium IT firm in Mumbai specializing in software for educational institutions. The company is facing a problem of increasing number of individual low performers. After analyzing, company found that existing compensation system is inadequate to ensure that individuals are motivated to perform better. Explain different types of individual pay plans that can be introduced to solve this problem.

3. ANANTA Enterprises is a newly set start up in Bengaluru. The startup is operating in online trading of sports merchandizing. The company is considering to conduct the process of job evaluation, so that it can determine relative worth of each job. For this the company has to do job analysis process. In this background, answer the following:

a.What are the components of job analysis

b. What is the process of job analysis?