Capital Market and Portfolio Management-NMIMS Solution



NMIMS Solution June 2019

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Q1. In order to maximize the returns from any investment decision, it’s essential that such decision is taken after adequate analysis. This analysis can be further classified as fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Discuss the basic difference between these two techniques. Also, showcase other essential points which can convey in an impactful manner that both the types of analysis i.e. fundamental analysis and technical analysis should be taken care of while taking investment decision. (10 Marks)

Q2. Mr. Alok is interested to invest Rs 1 lacs in the securities market. He selected two securities A and B for this purpose The risk return profile of these securities are as follows-
Security Risk Expected return
A 10% 12%
B 18% 20%
Coefficient of correlation between A and B is 0.15 If he decides to invest 50 % of his fund in A and rest 50% in B. What if, he decides to invest 75 % of his fund in A and rest 25% in B, will the risk and return associated to the portfolio will change? You are required to calculate the portfolio return and risk to be calculated by Mr Alok for his investment. (10 Marks)
Q3. Suppose you are fortunate enough to receive an inheritance of $1 million from your relative but with a specific condition that you should invest the amount intelligently in Capital market securities.
a. Discuss any five Capital market security Instruments, you would prefer to invest in (5 Marks) b. Mention your understanding in relation to the various factors affecting investment decision process in the above context (5 Marks)

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