Business Ethics Governance and Risk-NMIMS Solved Assignment Sep 2020

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Business Ethics Governance and Risk

NMIMS Solved Assignment Sept 2020

Q1. Corporate interest in surveillance seems to be on the rise. A 2018 survey by Gartner found that 22% of organizations worldwide in various industries are using employee-movement data, 17% are monitoring work-computer & smartphone – usage data, and 16% are using Microsoft Outlook- or calendar-usage data. In the name of security, video surveillance at workplace has become a way of life. (You can refer to chapter 9 & 10 to understand the scope of the questions).

What according to you are the five key reasons for the firms to monitor employee’s technology usage? Is business being responsible at workplace if it does so? Give reasons for your answer.


Q2. You see advertising for product and services everywhere you turn. It is a paid promotion that uses strategy and messaging about the benefits of a product or service to influence a target audience’s attitudes and/or behaviors. With intense competition due to globalization, it is not enough to create awareness but top of the mind recall. (You can refer to chapter 4 and answer the following question). Briefly explain any three instances or scenarios when advertising becomes unethical. What are your reasons for thinking that they are unethical?


Q3. A whistle-blower alerted a financial institution via the Deloitte independent facility that cheque fraud on a specific account was going to take place later the same day. The same account had been used for fraud amounting to over Rs 80,000. The extremely agile financial institution was able to put an alert out to their branches and was able to prevent further fraud of about Rs. 27 million. (You can refer to chapter 7 and answer the following question).

  1. What according to you are the three critical ethical reasons that lead to an employee becoming a whistle blower?
  2. Globalization drives the marketplace and world economy today. Identify and explain any one negative or unethical impacts of globalization on society and one negative or unethical impact on environment. (You can refer to chapter 1 & 2 to answer this question).

Previous Sem Assinment Question

  1. Read up on the ICICI Bank-Videocon Loan Case from credible public sources (website, newspaper, magazines) and answer the following questions. (Kindly mention only the facts and not speculations or rumors). You can refer to chapter 9 & 10 to understand the scope of the questions.
    Explain the TWO ethical issues or concern in the ICICI Bank case and the negative impacts of these issues on the bank?
  2. In 2015 India’s food regulator had banned Maggi Noodles (of Nestle India) after tests showed that it contained excessive lead and for alleged mislabelling over flavour enhancer MSG. The product returned to stores after a court lifted the restriction. Nestlé has since then removed the claim “No added MSG.” You can refer to chapter 4 and answer the following question.
    According to you, which all internal departments worked together to overcome the allegation and relaunch the same product in a way that it would earn the trust of its key consumers and stakeholders? What contributions were made by each of these departments while work together for this common business objective?
  3. a. As an employee if you become a whistle blower, are you being disloyal towards your employer? Yes or No? What is/are the ethical reason/s for becoming a whistle blower?
  4. b. Explain any two reasons to showcase that study and understanding of ethics makes for a better manager, good business and happy society?

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