Business Economics NMIMS Apr 19



Business Economics NMIMS Apr 19


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Q1. What are the important characteristics of an indifference curve. Suppose a consumer’s disposable income is Rs. 5,000/- per week and she has a choice of spending the income on concerts and meals. Assume meal is available for Rs.250/- each and concerts are available for Rs.500/- each. Prepare a table of possible combinations of meals and concerts that could be bought with the income. What is your observation about the values in the table?

Q2. Find below the data for price elasticity and income elasticity of demand for 5 different commodities. Interpret the values in the table in the light of ? Whether the demand is elastic or inelastic for each of the commodities and why ? What do you mean by negative income elastic demand in case of commodity 3 ? Give example for each type of commodity.
Commodity Price Elasticity of demand Income elasticity of demand 1 -0.3 +0.6 2 -1.45 +5.60 3 -5.09 -1.67 4 -0.7 +0.8 5 1.0 +1.0

Q3 a) “Different prices can be charged by the producer in the different market segments to maximize revenue.” Explain the statement by taking a case of aviation industry.
Q3 b) What do you mean by price rigidity? Which type of market structure is characterized by the price rigidity? Explain your views taking an example of industry facing the problem of price rigidity.

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