Business Communication NMIMS Dec18



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Q1. Large organizations where there are many people working closely, create unofficial and informal channels of communication. What is this kind of communication known as and what purpose does it serve in large organizations? List different types of this communication along with drawbacks if any.

Q2. Explain the various forms that non-verbal communication takes which impacts cultural aspect of communication. How does verbal and non-verbal communication relate to each other?

Q3. Zenstar Technologies has the task of collating feedback from its customers before the launch of its new product next fortnight. They need their customers to participate and be forthright in the opinions they present to improvise and make any last minute course corrections to garner the best response for the product launch.

  1. Which computer tool for collecting information will be most suitable for the requirements of Zenstar Technologies and why?
  2. Advice on how they should conduct the whole exercise of gathering feedback from their customers?
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