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  1. Computer Application In Management Solution
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  3. Organisational Behaviour Solution

Section –A

Q1. Attempt any 15 (15X2=30)
1. The handshake that conveys confidence is
a. Limp
b. Firm
c. Loose
d. Double
2. The whole concept of achieving success begins with how you ______
a. Behave
b. Think
c. Work
d. All of the above
3. The ________ body of the presentation should be broken into short and clear units
a. Main
b. Middle
c. Upper
d. Lower
4. The following is (are) the most effective ways of communication.
a. Verbal
b. Non verbal
c. Written
d. All of the above
5. The _____ of business letter is called layout.
a. Body
b. Content
c. Pattern
d. All of the above
6. Goals help us to ________
a. Communicate
b. Success
c. Work
d. Motivate
7. Good communication matters in business because ________.
a. everyone communicates for a living
b. it’s impossible to work in an office setting without communicating by writing or orally
c. it reflects who you are professionally
d. all of the above
8. What type of software would a writer use to produce a slide show for a meeting?
a. Database application
b. Presentational application
c. Spreadsheet application
d. Personal information application
9. Which of following is a true stsement about e-mail ?
a. E-mail changes only the message.
b. E-mail changes only the way the message is delivered.
c. E-mail changes both the way the message is delivered and the message.
d. Email does not change the way the message is delivered and the message
10. All memo headings should contain the following:
d. All the above
11 Organizations hiring hundreds of new employees every year must adopt a
more ——- towards the recruiting process.
a. systematic approach
b. organizational approach
b. direct approach
d. indirect approach
12. An effective oral presentation process follows _____ steps.
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
13. Collection letter should be written with the assumption that most of the people will:
a. Pay
b. Ignore
c. Not pay
d. Delay
14. One of the fastest ways to ensure your career success is to
a. learn how to design web pages
b. post a persuasive resume online
c develop excellent communication skill
d. invite your boss out to lunch periodically
15. Effective communication can ONLY be achieved when:
a. The audience is understood
b. Feedback is encouraged
c. Thoughts are organized
d. All the above
16. Communication theory does not help to explain ________.
a. what happens when we communicate
b. why certain symbols mean different things
c. how we learn to speak
d. why communication breaks down
Q2. Attempt any 10 (10X3=30)
1. What is Business Communication?
2. Communication is a two way process Explain?
3. Explain the seven C’s of communication?
4. What is noise? Explain various types of noises?
5. Write short notes on any two?
a. Body language b. Selection Interview c. Feedback
6. What is a meeting? Explain duties of Chairperson at a meeting ?
7. What do you mean by communication barriers?
8. What is meant by self development?
9. Distinguish between formal and the informal communication?
10. Explain the essential elements of a good report?
11. What is meant by group discussion?
12. What is meant by non verbal communication?

Section – C

Q3. Attempt any 2 (10X2=20)
1. “Communication is the blood of business”. Explain it and discuss why communication is so important to an organization.
2. What is meant by an interview? What are the objectives of interview? Explain various steps involved in conducting an interview ?
3. What do you mean by international Communication? What suggestions would you give for adopting global business ?
Q3. Attempt any 1 (20X1=20)

Case: 1
Draft the Notice, Agenda of an Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Ltd. Also draft two Resolution
1. Appointment of Banker
2. To issue shares to the investors

Case: 2
A well-known media conglomerate recently had a serious incident when one of their customer service representatives changed a customer’s name from “John Smith” to “A!@hole Smith” (not the customer’s actual name) after a heated phone call. This incident went public and caused a wave of bad press for the company. Likely, the company also had legal ramifications from this incident, though they were never made public.
1. What is the impact of this kind of communication on business.
2. Who according to you is responsible for not handling the situation better . What would be the solution to this problem