Business Communication and Etiquette-NMIMS Solution



Business Communication and Etiquette

NMIMS Solved Assignments December 17

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Q1) What are the major blunders that you have seen speakers commit while addressing an audience? As a proficient public speaker, what advice would you like to share with these speakers to improve their delivery? (10 Marks)

Q2) Under what circumstances, would you recommend your team to employ surveys, interviews and focus groups. Which medium have you used the most to gather information in your career and why? (10 Marks)

Q3) Shreyansh was heading the team meeting at ABC Corporation. He seemed to have left home in a hurry for his appearance. He seemed stressed and his voice was shaky too. He did not seem to be in the best of his element which was unlike his usual confident self. His team which is always very attentive could not focus on the point that he was making despite their best efforts.

  1. a) Which aspect is most important according to you – sound, appearance or body language? (5 Marks)
  2. b) In what ways can non-verbal communication complement verbal communication? (5 Marks)


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