Business Communication and Etiquette NMIMS June19



Business Communication and Etiquette

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NMIMS Assignment Question

1. NMIMS Assignment has put up billboards across the main, arterial roads of Mumbai. The billboards advertise the Mega Independence Day Sale coming up. They hope their billboards can grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians on these busy roads. List the 8-steps in the Basic Communication Model and apply the model to’s billboard ad.

2. You are the customer service manager for, an online store selling Yoga apparel. A customer has written an angry email complaining that the Yoga leggings she purchased a month ago have shrunk and the colour has faded. She mentioned that she machine-washed her leggings and dried them in a drier. Your website clearly mentions that the leggings can only be hand-washed and should not be put in the drier. She is asking for a replacement or a complete refund of Rs. 3000. How would you respond to this complaint? Draft an email.

3. Digital communication technologies are changing the face of business communication. Explain:

a. Engaging content for Social Media

b. Pros and cons of Instant Messaging

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