Business Communication and Etiquette NMIMS Apr 19



Business Communication and Etiquette NMIMS Apr 19

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Q1. In your opinion, which part of a presentation is most important and why? What steps do you take to ensure you truly make a mark when you present to an audience?
Q2. From your experience and of those around you, share how lack of trust, message complexity and difference in status impacts business communication.
Q3. In Crystal Corp., managers are groomed to be leaders. The organization believes in investing in their own people instead of hiring externally. In the last appraisal cycle, Preeti and Saksham were promoted as leaders of their practices. Saksham is a people’s person while Preeti has a task oriented approach.
a. As far as internal organizational communication is concerned, which one do you think Preeti will practice – upward or downward and why?
b. What would Saksham prefer given his leadership style? What are the disadvantages of being a people-oriented leader?

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