Business Communication 1


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Assignment – A

Question 1. What are the barriers to effective communication?

Question 2. a) What is effective listening? How do you improve your listening skills?

(b) What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Question 3. a) Explain barriers to effective listening?

(b) How can we overcome listening barriers?

Question 4. How do you improve your communication skills to make business effective?

Question 5. Explain Negotiation? What is the role of body language in effective negotiation process?

Assignment – B

Question 1. Define a formal report. Explain structure of a formal written report.

Question 2. Distinguish between:-

(a) Negotiation & Arbitration    (b) Memorandum & Notices

Question 3. You have just completed BBA from Amity, Noida and joined LG Electronics. Your profile includes preparing a list of interview questions for recruitment of a junior executive.

Make a list of proposed questions for interviewing the candidates.

Case Study

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION To deliver a message, we must communicate. We communicate in many ways: through our actions, through our words, through our appearance, and even through the company that we keep. What is communicated and how it is communicated is important to relationships between individuals, between departments in a company, and between a company and its customers. Milt – Moses, the leader of the community Insurance company, understand the importance of good communication to the success or failure of a business. Moses talks to us about the importance of communication from various perspectives. In describing how he was motivated to enter the insurance field, we learn about an impression of the industry that he got from his own insurance agent. Moses was not actively recruited, in fact he sought our the job. Why did he pursue insurance ? Through observation, he got the idea that insurance could be a lucrative business, and one that might present fewer barriers to him then other careers that he had considered. In his own agency, Moses uses many approaches to convey a good image to the community. Moses also talks about communication within his agency. We hear about his style of communicating with his staff, his policy toward maintaining an open door, and his belief in the importance of providing top quality service. His employees do not learn these things about Moses and the company by chance. At the same time, everyone who works at community Insurance does not necessarily get the same message, in the same way, or at the same one of the challenges that any company faces is to communicate in a way that the general message gets across. Milt-Moses shows us that this can be done in several ways. We see evidence of business planning, job assignment, and an openers to talk with employees. Perhaps, most importantly, we get the feeling that Milt Moses walks the talk; not only does he share his beliefs about business, he openly practices them.

Question 1. What do you think Moses is trying to convey to his staff about? How the company should operate?

Question 2. Do you think he is successful in conveying the message?

Question 3. Do you think Milt-Moses is successful in communicating his commitment to providing excellent service to customers? Why or Why not?

Assignment – C

Given are the four possible meanings of the each idiom mentioned. Select the one which best expresses the meaning of the idiom (1 to 10)

1. It was surprising to see that she looked to pretty at close quarters.
a) very near
b) government quarters
c) close confinement
d) close examination

2. The two women are so jealous, that at the drop of a hat they start insulting each other.
a) when a hat falls
b) when anyone drops a hat
c) for no reason at all
d) on every occasion.

3. I felt that it was a tall order to expect Sonia to go home alone at twelve in the night.
a) difficult
b) too much
c) customary
d) simple

4. Now that prices have risen so much it is better to go dutch while have a party.
a) go to Holland
b) bear all the expense
c) each person pays his own share of the expenses
d) bear the cost of an outing.

5. You may rush from pillar to post but you have no chance in getting what you want without a bribe.
a) be very busy
b) rush in all directions & suffer much harassment
c) go to all post boxes and post offices
d) go to many offices & post many letters

6. He is “sick of life” means:
a) he is confines to bed
b) he is tired of life
c) his life is miserable
d) none of these

7. It is time that India and Pakistan bury the hatchet and work together to make this a healthier Sub-continent.
a) stop arguing
b) bury their dead
c) come to friendly and peaceful terms
d) start a war and kill many people

8. I hope to be full of beans tomorrow since I’m planning to go to bed early tonight
a) full of energy and good spirits
b) full of beans for cooking
c) too much energy
d) happy

9. There has been bad blood between the two communities even before the shooting.
a) impure blood
b) ill – feeling
c) bloody fights
d) quarrels

10. It was his maiden speech and it was memorable.
a) like a maiden
b) first woman’s speech
c) first speech in that particular forum
d) first speech

In each set of sentences, tick the correct sentence (11 to 15)

11. a) This is one of the best books that has been published by Amity.
b) This is one of the best book that has been published by Amity.
c) This is one of the best books that have been published by Amity.

12. a) Before independence we contributed generously, but lately we forget our duty to the nation.
b) Before independence we contributed generously, but lately we have forgotten our duty to the nation.
c) Before independence we contributed generously, but lately we had forgotten our duty to the nation.

13. a) If you work hard, you will get success.
b) If you will work hard, you will get success.
c) If you will work hard, you get success.

14. a) we should always help poor.
b) we should always help the poor.
c) we should always help a poor.

15. a) He was elected the chairman of the board.
b) He was elected as the chairman of the board.
c) He was elected chairman of the board.

In each sentence, error lies in one of the parts. Read the sentence and mark the incorrect part (16 – 20)

16. Students   as well as   the teacher   was playing.   No error
A                        B                                       C               D

17. Neither Ram    nor Shyam    are at fault.    No error
A                              B                     C            D

18. I am suffering    from fever    for the past three days.    No error
A                              B                     C                              D

19. He denied    that he was    not a thief.    No error.
A                     B                     C            D

20. The teacher asked the student    if you can read the book    without spectacles.    No error.
A                                                                        B                     C                              D

Match the following foreign with their meanings.

Word Meaning
21) vis – a vis from the beginning
22) viva voce opposite ; face to face
23) Ab Initio by the living voice
24) Ad hoc one – sided
25) De facto a great work
26) Ex parte beyond powers
27) Magnum opus for a special purpose
28) Prima facie actually
29) Ultra vires mode of operation
30) Modus operandi at first view

31) A good communicator got to be a good listener.
a) Yes
b) No
c) Can’t Say

32) The communication model is made up of Seven parts i.e,
Source→encoding→Message→a)→_______ (b)→_______ receiver_________(c)

Complete the model by writing the parts

a) Channel, decoding, feedback
b) Decoding, channel, feedback
c) Channel, feedback, decoding

33) There are 7 ‘Cs’ in written / spoken communication. They are :-
a) Candid, Clear, Complete, Concise, Concrete, Correct, Courteous
b) Candid, Clear, Clarity, Concise, Courteous, Concrete, Concentrate.
c) Candid, Clear, Concise, Complete, Clarify, Courteous, Concentrate.

34. Body language doesn’t include.
a) Facial Expressions
b) Eye Contact
c) Gestures
d) Written documents.

35. Which of the following is not the essential ingredients of conflict:-
a) disagreement
b) agreement
c) situation

36. He is __________ of working for ten hours.
a) capable
b) able
c) ability

37. Students should have easy _________ to book.
a) access
b) excess
c) knowledge

38. He hates these _________ arguments with his wife.
a) continuously
b) continuous
c) continual

39. Success is __________ on your labor.
a) dependant
b) dependent
c) depend

40. An _________ person like him is sure to succeed is life.
a) industrial
b) illicit
c) industrious

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