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B2B Marketing

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Q1. Discuss your pricing strategies for each of the following B2B situations of MRF for its Tyres
Indian Army requires to buy about 50,000 tyres for periodic replacement in its trucks, as and when required in year 2019-20
Ashok Leyland needs 5000 tyres, customized for its export order trucks for sub-zero cold conditions.
Golden Transport Company urgently needs 200 truck-tyres for its transport fleet. (10 Marks)

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Q2. Voltas also makes commercial refrigerators which are used by Hotels, Commercial Kitchens, restaurants etc in addition to the air-conditioners it makes for B2C markets. These are customized according to customer requirements and the prices start from 5 lacs onwards. The marketing manager has to decide whether Voltas should direct distribution or indirect distribution. Please recommend the method Voltas should use giving reasons for the same. Also what communication tools can Voltas use for promoting in B2B segments for these new air-conditioners? (10 Marks)
B2B Marketing Solutions for NMIMS Assignment June19
Q3. Read the following Case & solve the questions given:
It is customary in almost every Business Organization, from large to small, to serve popular beverages like tea and coffee to its employees and visitors as a daily routine. In many organizations, it is served free, whereas in many others, on cost basis or subsidized-price basis. In a survey conducted by Coffee Board, in recent past, it is found that coffee is more regularly consumed in South Indian states and tea in most other parts is preferred as a routine beverage.
In business organizations, coffee consumption, more or less, follows the geographic pattern of consumption. However, with entry of many coffee- specialty suppliers, the coffee is gaining popularity as a beverage, and its demand is growing rapidly. There is a variety of coffee-serving facilities prevalent in companies for their employees, ranging from a typical instant coffee in a kitchen managed by a vendor to departmentalized self-service vending machines.
B2B Marketing Solution for NMIMS Assignment June19 by DistPub.com Team
CoffeeBeans is a multinational coffee bars chain and has 220 outlets in major cities of India. In a bid to expand its market, CoffeeBeans is entering in business market in a big way. For its target B2B customers, it has designed a product-package consisting of a high-tech coffee-making robot, named ‘CoffeeCup’, bundled with bulk packs of coffee making ingredients. This machine can serve variety of customized coffee to suit different tastes of employees at very fast rate of 50 cups per minute.

Vivek Lal, the Coffee-Cup product manager, with his team zeroed on Hero Motors at Delhi NCR as its first large business customer, where he forecasts an initial sale of 200 CoffeeCup Robots and bulk ingredient-packs to serve 5000 cups per day.

Assuming any other relevant information as required, you are required to answer the following questions:

a. How will you identify individuals in the Hero’s Buying Centre, for the different roles being played by them?
b. Comment on the expectations of each role in the buying centre, and the strategies to be adopted by Vivek’s team to meet each of these expectations to persuade a favorable decision.

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