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Q1. What are the ACID properties? Define atomicity, Consistency, isolation, and durability and illustrate them through examples?

Q2: How to write programs that manipulate a network database—including such tasks as searching for and retrieving records from the database; inserting, deleting, and modifying records; and connecting and disconnecting records from set occurrences.

Q3: Consider the following relations: BRANCH (branch _name, branch _city, assets), ACCOUNT (accno, branch _ name, balance), DEPOSITOR (customer _ name. accno, Customer_ Street, customer city). Write the SQL statements for the following:

a) List all the customers who have at least two accounts at the branch.

b) List all the accno whose accounts are in a branch _name where an asset is maximum.

c) List all the customers whose account balance is minimum.

d) List all the customers who have an account at all the branches located in a specific city.

e) Demonstrate how you delete all account tuples at every branch located in specific city.

Q4: Draw the various schemes of banking system and explain the involvement of view levels of data abstraction.

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