Annamalai Solution for Consumer Behaviour 2019



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Q1: Review the activities undertaken by marketing oriented firms and show the relevance of consumer behavior of each activity.

Q2: Explain how the product manager of a breakfast cereal might change consumer attitudes toward the company’s brand by

a) Changing beliefs about the brand

b) Changing beliefs about competing brands

c) Changing the relative evaluation of attributes

d) Adding an attribute

Q3: What kind of marketing and socio cultural inputs would influence the purchase of

a) A TV with inbuilt recorder

b) A concentrated liquid laundry detergent

c) A fat-free ice cream

Q4: Think of a recent major purchase your family has made. Analyze the roles performed by various family members in terms of the following consumption roles:

a) Influencer b) Decider c) Buyers d) Preparers e) Users f) Maintainers g) Disposers

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