Annamalai MBA MM 2nd Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business I Year
  4. MBA E-Business II Year
  5. MBA International Business I Year
  6. MBA International Business II Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  8. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  10. MBA Financial Management I Year
  11. MBA Financial Management II Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year


1. Elaborately explain the various stages of new product development. Considering solar charger as a new product to be launched in a market, describe the process involved in developing this new product.

2. Create a branding program for a FMCG product of your choice. Provide full description of the company’s brand hierarchy, brand portfolio, brand’s current marketplace and the way in which the firm is addressing branding through its marketing mix. Explain how you would characterize the positioning of your brand.

3. Explain the traditional services marking mix and describe the expanded mix for services. Discuss the marketing mix as applicable to banking service sector.

4. Assume a tourism service establishment wherein the customers can influence each other. Describe the potential cases of favorable and unfavorable customer influences. Also discuss the ways to improve customer satisfaction by handling the unfavorable situations


1. ABC cookies are planning to launch a new line of cookies and want to assess the market size. The cookies have a mixed chocolate – jack fruit flavour and will be targeted at the premium end of the market. Discus the six W’s of a descriptive research design that may be adopted.

2. Adyar Inn is a chain of fast food restaurants located in major areas of Chennai. Sales have been growing very slowly for the last two years. Management has decided to add some new items to the menu, but prior to that they want to know more about their customers and their preferences a) List possible hypotheses b)Explain what kind of research design would be appropriate?

3. To determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign for a new dish washer, management would like to know what percentages of households are aware of the new brand. The advertising agency thinks that this figure is as high as 70 percent. The management would like a 95 percent confidence interval and a margin of error no greater than plus or minus 2 percent
a) What sample size should be used for this study?
b) Suppose that management wanted to be 99 percent confident but could tolerate an error of plus or minus 3 percent. How would the sample size change?

4) Design an open-ended question to determine whether households engage in gardening. Also develop a multiple – choice and a dichotomous question to obtain the same information. Which form is the most desirable?.


1. Review the activities undertaken by marketing oriented firms and show the relevance of consumer behavior of each activity.

2. Explain how the product manager of a breakfast cereal might change consumer attitudes toward the company’s brand by

a) Changing beliefs about the brand
b) Changing beliefs about competing brands
c) Changing the relative evaluation of attributes
d) Adding an attribute

3. What kind of marketing and socio cultural inputs would influence the purchase of
a) A TV with inbuilt recorder
b) A concentrated liquid laundry detergent
c) A fat-free ice cream

4. Think of a recent major purchase your family has made. Analyze the roles performed by various family members in terms of the following consumption roles:
a) Influencer b) Decider c) Buyers d) Preparers
e) Users f) Maintainers g) Disposers


1. “On the account of consumer illiteracy, the audio-visual media provide an immense opportunity to communicate with consumers”, is it true? Outline the relative strengths and weakness of these media and describe their role in rural marketing.

2. Suggest the different ways of segmenting a rural market. On what bases would you consider for marketing Detergent soaps, cool drinks and television in rural market? Justify your views.

3. “Going rural is the need of the hour”. Keeping this statement into account, suggest the various roadblocks which the marketers have to overcome in order to successfully launch their product in rural markets.

4. Explain the various changes which are required to be made in the promotional strategy of a company for successfully promoting a product in rural markets


1. Give the picture of Impact of sales motivation on FMCG organizational performance of P&G.

2. Is Personal selling practices the best way to enhance sales of industrial Products in power sector? Give your answer and justify.

3. Discuss the sales promotions and advertising effect on sales performance of consumer goods of Unilever.

4. ‘Gig’ economy and freelancers as distribution agents in food delivery service. Bring out its future trend in India.


1. Take an imaginary situation relating to pricing or investment policy in a selected industry in which there are few sellers and show how the adoption of different strategies by a leading player defines different possible paths. Use a decision tree to illustrate these different possible paths.

2. Carry out SWOT analysis of Indian Railways. Suggest measure to run it profitable.

3. Nowadays Product Diversification is a mandatory process in Indian Industry. Give an example for success and failure. Give reasons for the success and failure.

4. “Technological factors represent major opportunities and threats, which must be taken into account while formulating strategies.” –Discuss. How will a firm build a sustainable technology based competitive advantage?


1. “Electronic Commerce is commonly known as e-commerce, is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. List-out the applications and benefits of e-commerce.

2. Discuss the role of data mining techniques and data visualization in E-Commerce.

3. Compare the communication system in traditional business and on-line business.

4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software Industry.


1. “Research is much considered with proper fact finding, analysis and Evaluation.” –Do you agree with this statement. Substantiate your view with the following situation. You are the HRD Manager with ABB (India). ABB has recently taken over a major unit in Kolkata. You are sent on a posting there and are given the task of introducing a new operation scheme which your parent organization feels will improve efficiency. But you perceive during your stay that there is an underlying dissatisfaction amongst the employees and it is essential to gauge their views and opinion about the takeover and their expectations before introducing the scheme.

2. In order to improve the importance of chi square analysis, correlation analysis and t test. Create tables with imaginary and appropriate values and explain the results.

3. “Every data collection method has its own built-in biases. Therefore, resorting to multi method of data collection is only going to compound the biases”. How do you critique this statement?

4. “Data processing is an intermediary stage of work between data collection and data analysis”- explain the statement by enumerating the various operations involved in it.