Annamalai MBA IS 2nd Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business I Year
  4. MBA E-Business II Year
  5. MBA International Business I Year
  6. MBA International Business II Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  8. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  10. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  11. MBA Financial Management I Year
  12. MBA Financial Management II Year
  13. MBA Information System I Year

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1. Prepare an interview schedule for the concept Personality and its components, conduct an interview with a few executives of any one organization known to you and present the results with critical analysis.

2. To highlight the concept, components, process, and importance of Groups in an organization prepare a role play script and explain group dynamics.

3. After listing out the qualities and theories of leadership view YouTube on executive leadership and present the outcome of your perception on leadership.

4. Make telephone calls to your friends and seniors working in various organizations and collect information about their Organizational Culture, analyze them and present them with issues and strategies.


1. A Person who understands all about Computer Hardware, software and Programming may not be suited to design a computer based Management Information System. Why not?

2. A Company decided to implement a highly integrated management information system. Any transaction entered in to the system would immediately affect all related functional subsystem at all levels of activity. The system was never implemented successfully. Why do you think it was a failure?

3. Using the Example of Selecting a personal computer .show the elimination by aspects Decision procedure.

4. Discuss the amount of centralization that PBS has and whether this is functional or dysfunctional.


1. Discuss the various update operation on relation and types of integrity constraints that must be checked for each update operation?

2. Describe the three-level architecture of DBMS? Also explain its importance in a database environment.

3. What do you understand by distributed databases? Give the various advantages and disadvantages of distributed database management system.

4. What are the ACID properties? Define atomicity, Consistency, isolation, and durability and illustrate them through examples?


1. Electronic Commerce is commonly known as e-commerce, is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. List out the applications and benefits of e-commerce.

2. Discuss the role of data mining techniques and data visualization in ECommerce.

3. Compare the communication system in traditional business and on-line business.

4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software Industry.

Identify the Organization that has requirement for ERP systems implementations and make an introspection of the functionality that requires such implementation. On behalf of the Organization prepare
1) A hardware Requirement details and submit.
2) A user Interface details and submit.
3) A gap analysis report and submit.
4)Identify the Organization that has requirement for ERP systems implementations and make an introspection of possible failure source to ERP implementation


1. Is snowflake schema one of the forms of arrangement in fact table. How many fact tables are there in snowflake schema? Is fact table normalized or de normalized?

2. If you are an expert in data mining preparation, then prepare a comparison chart for discrete and continuous data? How do you differentiate between discrete and continuous data? Justify your answer with examples.

3. Explain the classification of data mining systems.

4. Elaborate how data warehousing and OLAP Technology useful for data mining.


1. A public library is considering the implementation of a computer-based system to help administer book loan at libraries. Identify the stakeholders in such a project. What might be the objectives of such a project and how might the success of the project be measured in practical terms?

2. Assume that a company has decided on a COTS solution that will replace the whole of the existing maintenance accounting system rather than simply plugging in additional modules to deal with group accounts. Write a memorandum to the company’s legal department outlining the important provisions that a contract to supply this system should have.

3. An organization is contemplating the purchase of a project planning software tool such as MS project and has decided to draw up quality specifications for the package. The features that they are particularly concerned are, to set up details of new projects and updating the project details with information about actual work completed. Draw up quality specifications in respect of the qualities of 1) Usability 2) Reliability 3) Recoverability

4. Abc software company is to develop software for effective counseling for allotment of engineering seats for students with high scores ranking from top colleges. The product has to be upgraded if the common entrance score is to be considered. Describe the appropriate product development life cycle and the standard skills required.


1. Develop XML document that will hold player (Like Cricket) collection with field for player – name, age, batting – average and highest – score. Write suitable document type definition and schema for the XML.

2. Develop a web page for employee registration form using HTML and validate the registration form with JavaScript.

3. What is RMI? Create a remote phone book server that maintains a file of names and phone numbers and a client allows the user to scroll through the file using RMI concept.

4. Create a website for a online super market. The website should have a home page which helps the users to navigate to various other pages. Every web page in the website gives a detailed description of different items present in the super market. Make the website user friendly by adding relevant images and other formatting options. The last web page should present a feedback form for the customer.