Annamalai MBA IB 2nd Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
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  4. MBA E-Business II Year
  5. MBA International Business I Year
  6. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  8. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  10. MBA Financial Management I Year
  11. MBA Financial Management II Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year


1. Assume yourself as a managing director of a multinational corporation; what are the measuring tools you will utilize to evaluate the impacts of inter country differences on HRM? Justify your views with appropriate examples.

2. Place yourself in the position of being the head of HR department, how might formally written job description help you to manage your work unit? What would happen if your company decided not to use any job description at all?

3. What steps do you propose to take in case of a lay off caused by
(a) Seasonal fluctuations in demand
(b) Corporate restructuring
(c) Breakdown of machinery and equipment.

4. Give some examples of situation in which you wanted to do a great job but were prevented from doing so. What was the impact on you, and what would this suggest to you in your efforts to motivate other people to perform


1. How Domestic Marketing is different from global marketing? What factors caused the growth of Internationalism since World War II? Discuss in Detail.

2. Explain the Different methods used by a researcher in conducting research in an International Environment? Which method can be most effective while collecting data about brand loyalty and why?

3. In general where do you think McDonald’s stands in the range of standardization in terms of its global marketing?

4. has been an early winner in the on-line book business. Which market segment has Amazon served? Are the Amazon target market segments in the United States and the rest of the world identical?


1. Understand the factors that affect exchange rates in the short and long run and how disequilibrium may occur in the exchange rate market

2.”In the absence of a common currency throughout the world, a series of problems arise in International cash management.” What are these problems? How can these problems be overcome?

3. An export company wants to raise capital from international markets. What are the basic considerations the firm should take into account while making this international financing decision? Explain

4. “An alterative to investing in foreign stock is to invest in the shares of domestic MNCs”. – Discuss. Are MNCs likely to provide a reasonable substitute for International portfolio investment?


1. In today’s business environment, what (in your opinion) are the most important responsibilities of a logistics manager in overcoming competition? Support your views.

2. “Many innovations on technology-based approaches are well-suited to the enhancement of the effectiveness of Supply Chain Management”-Justify the statement by giving few applications of information technology in SCM.

3. “Companies are giving more importance to supply chain while deriving business strategy” – Substantiate your views with suitable examples in International context.

4. As tough competition is going on in the market in all the fields, device strategies to face competition of chain of stores like Big Bazaar. Explain your views based on logistics management.


1. McDonalds Expansion strategies in India: Whether beefing up or Beefless? Substantiate your views and give suggestions as Management consultant.

2. There are number of strategies being practiced or followed by companies globally. Still Recession takes place. In this context, do you suggest new strategy or you face the recession with the existing strategies. How? Explain.

3. “Strategic planning deals with formulating, implementing and evaluating strategies to perform the cross functional decision of the company” Do you agree or disagree? Substantiate your views.

4. Discuss the age diversity issues at Ashok Leyland Limited (ALL), India’s second largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. Explain how can eliminate this issue from all.


1. Elucidate the export and import financing schemes provided by the government.

2. “BOT has a clear and dynamic role in advising government on relevant issues connected with foreign trade” – Discuss.

3. Exports made on re-export basis shall not be counted for reorganization, why?
4. “Permissible credits in the EEFC.” –Discuss.


1. Design an international marketing research for a multinational company product.

2. Identify the principal methods that companies might use in assessing and reviewing opportunities across international markets. Suggest alternate means by which firms can prioritise and segment international markets.

3. How can you draw a strategy canvas for a software company for international positioning of its products and services?

4. How do social and cultural influence the impact on international consumer behaviour.


1. Pre-shipment credit will help the exporter in Indian scenario – Discuss.

2. Inflation rate as well as interest rates will affect the value of currency rates – Discuss.

3. “Export incentives are major factors to encourage the EXIM business”- Are you agree?

4. “Credit Insurance agencies will help the exporter & importer in financial payments” – prove it.