Annamalai MBA IB 1st Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business I Year
  4. MBA E-Business II Year
  5. MBA International Business II Year
  6. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  8. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  10. MBA Financial Management I Year
  11. MBA Financial Management II Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year


1. Management is said to have universal application. How do you justify the Universality of Management? Give examples to illustrate your arguments.

2. “The importance of strategic planning is now fully realized by the Indian corporate sector than before”- Discuss

3. Explain about the personal challenges involved in becoming a manager and a leader in today’s turbulent environment.

4. Without effective management the resources will remain as resources cannot be converted into productive utilities – Do you agree? Give reasons.


1. “Cost volume profit analysis is an important analysis which is commonly applied by the irresponsive of industries”. Do you accept? What are your comments towards this statement? Discuss.

2. Inflation is a key factor and it must be duly considered while preparing all sorts of budgets”. Do you agree? Justify your stand with your valuable inputs.

3. “There is a vast amount of practical gap on application of accounting practices between Domestic and International Accounting”. Comment on this with your valuable supportive arguments.

4. “Several issues are existing in International Financial statement Analysis and at the same time many meaningful unlocking tools are there”. What is your opinion? Comment on this.


1. Do you find any correlations among Oil, Gold and exchange rates in terms of their price change? Explain the interaction among them in the international market survey.

2. Compare the benefits of liberalization with globalization, which influence the economic growth of India in last two decades.

3. Whether under developed countries in WTO succeed their demands? Justify your views with strong reasons.

4. Can you say that the modern theory of HECKSHER & OHLIN applies to the Indian Economy in the post or pre-liberalization? Illustrate with supporting data.


1. “Knowledge of International Business Environment is essential for the players of International Business” – Elaborate with an example of multinational company.

2. “When is the time deemed to be the essence of the contract in performance of contract and with what consequences? Pinch out the rules of law relating to the time and place of performance in modern business environment.

3. “The effect of country’s political system on its business environment and economic development”-Discuss

4. “India’s competitive advantage in industries like IT, Textiles, Gems and jewellery –Strength and Threats”. Illustrate the statement.


1. “Trends in foreign trade and the composition of imports and exports along with its composition over the past years” – Discuss

2. Discuss India’s participation in UN peace keeping and its claim for a permanent seat in the Security Council

3. Analyse the relevance of non-alignment in the post cold war period

4. In what way India’s foreign policy is instrumental/detrimental for the promotion of India’s international trade? Illustrate your answer


1. Give an example of e-learning system implemented in India. Identify the hardware, software and personal requirement for purpose of implementation of such an educational system.

2. Discuss the security requirements of internet and Ecommerce application and how these requirements are fulfilled by various hardware and software systems.

3. Compare and contrast the traditional business with electronic commerce in an apparels business.

4. Once a company has acquired customer, the key to maximizing revenue is keeping them. Explain how e-commerce is helpful in customer retention?


1. “For productive business meetings, listening and non verbal communication skills are the key attributes”. Explain with appropriate examples.

2. “A cry of agony is more powerful than the tale of woe”. Elaborate this statement in the context of Non-verbal communication. State the positive and negative gesture in non-verbal communication.

3. Elucidate the measures that have to be considered in managing the cross cultural communication with examples.

4. “Pen is mightier than sword”. Explain this statement, elaborating the strength of written communication.


1. Prepare an interview schedule for the concept Personality and its components, conduct an interview with a few executives of any one organization known to you and present the results with critical analysis.

2. To highlight the concept, components, process, and importance of Groups in an organization prepare a role play script and explain group dynamics.

3. After listing out the qualities and theories of leadership view YouTube on executive leadership and present the outcome of your perception on leadership.

4. Make telephone calls to your friends and seniors working in various organizations and collect information about their Organizational Culture, analyze them and present them with issues and strategies.