Annamalai MBA FM 2nd Semester 2020

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  1. MBA E/M I Year
  2. MBA E/M II Year
  3. MBA E-Business I Year
  4. MBA E-Business II Year
  5. MBA International Business I Year
  6. MBA International Business II Year
  7. MBA Human Resource Management I Year
  8. MBA Human Resource Management II Year
  9. MBA Marketing Management I Year
  10. MBA Marketing Management II Year
  11. MBA Financial Management I Year
  12. MBA Information System I Year
  13. MBA Information System II Year


1. Discuss the features of the framework of regulation of the credit information companies in India. What are the regulatory and supervisory objectives of the RBI in relation to the NBFCs? Explain the main elements of the RBI framework of NBFC regulation.

2. Do you think credit analysis is essential before providing loan to customers? Explain various credit appraisal techniques used by commercial banks to analyse the credit worthiness of borrowers.

3. “Tax considerations give a definite advantage to hire purchase financing option” Do you agree? Explain

4. What kind of changes needed in the venture capital financing when an economy is in the recession? Suggest some strategies approaches that are well suited for venture capital financing for industrial activities.


1. Describe the current trends in the balance of payments of some of the countries of the Asia- pacific region.

2. “The International economy is fast turning into a borderless global economy” Critically analyze in relation to International Financial system.

3. As an executive of a leading institution, what factors should you critically evaluate with respect to a large industrial project, from the perspective of environmental and economic viability.

4. “Exchange rate is focal point to understand the whole mechanism of monetary system” Justify the statement with illustration


1. “The basic purpose of derivatives instruments is to provide commitments to price for future dates for giving against adverse movement in future prices.” Discuss and critically examine the statement.

2. Options are the safest instrument for the investors for the investment purpose. Options writer has limited profit and unlimited losses whereas option buyer has limited losses and unlimited profits.” Critically evaluate the above statements with suitable examples.

3. “Besides serving as a barometer of the economy /market, the index also has other applications in finance.” – Elaborate the application of index.

4. “Forward contracts act as force runners of futures market” – Critically evaluate the statement in the light of growth of forward market worldwide.


1. Elaborate the loss control measures of any manufacturing company of your choice.

2. Describe the structure of Indian general insurance industry and explain the products being offered by them.

3. From the balance sheet of a company of your choice, analyze all risk and ERM from asset side and from liability’s side. Create a list of actions for the ERM functions.

4. “Privatization of insurance sector has led to substantial growth in the insurance business in India and also led to improvement in confidence among policy holders.” – Give your comments


1. As an investment advisor what feature would you suggest being included in the investment bunch of a client? And also suggest where an investor should be careful. Consider the above statements and keep the present situation in mind Give your suggestions.

2. The technical analyst places a great deal of importance on supply and demand in stock pricing. Presumably the fundamental analyst also believes that supply and demand are important. In what ways do the two groups disagree on the subject?

3. ”The concept of a random walk in stock prices is bizarre and implies totally irrational behaviour by the investing public. Nothing could be further from the truth than random walk. Prices are related to fundamental economic worth.” Comment

4. Comment on the following statement “since Markowitz portfolio theory requires so many assumptions, the notion that investors should be concerned with the risk of the overall portfolio rather than the risk of the individual securities is misleading.”


1. Take an imaginary situation relating to pricing or investment policy in a selected industry in which there are few sellers and show how the adoption of different strategies by a leading player defines different possible paths. Use a decision tree to illustrate these different possible paths.
2. Carry out SWOT analysis of Indian Railways. Suggest measure to run it profitable.
3. Nowadays Product Diversification is a mandatory process in Indian Industry. Give an example for success and failure. Give reasons for the success and failure.

4. “Technological factors represent major opportunities and threats, which must be taken into account while formulating strategies.” – Discuss. How will a firm build a sustainable technology based competitive advantage?


1. Electronic Commerce is commonly known as e-commerce, is a process of buying and selling of goods or services using electronic systems. List out the applications and benefits of e-commerce.

2. Discuss the role of data mining techniques and data visualization in ECommerce.

3. Compare the communication system in traditional business and on-line

4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Indian Software Industry.


1. “Research is much considered with proper fact finding, analysis and Evaluation.” Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate your view with the following situation. You are the HRD Manager with ABB (India). ABB has recently taken over a major unit in Kolkata. You are sent on a posting there and are given the task of introducing a new operation scheme which your parent organization feels will improve efficiency. But you perceive during your stay that there is an underlying dissatisfaction amongst the employees and it is essential to gauge their views and opinion about the takeover and their expectations before introducing the scheme.

2. In order to improve the importance of chi square analysis, correlation analysis and t test. Create tables with imaginary and appropriate values and explain the results.

3. “Every data collection method has its own built-in biases. Therefore, resorting to multi method of data collection is only going to compound the biases”. How do you critique this statement?

4. “Data processing is an intermediary stage of work between data collection and data analysis”- Explain the statement by enumerating the various operations involved in it.